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What’s love got to do with it?

Posted January 22, 2014 in Community Featured, Waukee

Ryan Ramsvig loves the outdoors, and he loves to hunt.  There’s very little he would rather do than grab his Hoyt Spyder 30-inch draw compound bow out of the garage and go.

But sometimes you miss the perfect shot, and sometimes life becomes so complicated that you hang up your bow and set your sights on a new target.

Ryan Ramsvig and his pride and joy.

Ryan Ramsvig and his pride and joy.

“I’m very passionate about white-tailed deer hunting,” he says.

Ramsvig loves hunting so much he used to take at least one annual hunting trip. One such trip was 16 hours north of the Canadian border in the dead of winter. He stood outside for 10 hours in the negative 45-degree temperature and negative 65-degree wind chill just to have a chance at a white-tailed deer or an elk.

“That’s crazy isn’t it?” he asks with a grin.

Ramsvig even once bagged a bear with his trusty bow.

“It’s about getting outdoors and being one with nature in God’s country,” he says.

He loves hunting, but he loves his little girls more. And like any good father, he does what he can to create the best life for his three daughters, a 7-year-old and twin 5-year-olds. The divorced father is also creating little huntresses. In fact, his 7-year-old even has her own bow.

“She’s a very passionate little girl that likes to go hunting,” he says. “I shoot with her every night (in the basement or the backyard).”

Ramsvig says the girls love to eat elk the most. All of the game he brings home is a healthier substitute for some of the alternatives at the grocery store.

“Venison doesn’t have chemicals, hormones, and is leaner than many other meats,” he says.

He adds that making venison jerky has become a family activity that the whole family enjoys.

But unfortunately, Ramsvig’s bow is for sale. At least for now.

Ramsvig says he has been divorced from the girls’ mother for a couple of years. He spent his entire life’s savings in a costly divorce. She passed away in November. Ramsvig wanted to make sure his daughters attended the funeral.

Upon returning from the funeral in northern Michigan, Ramsvig was informed by his employer that he no longer had a job. So now he’s selling the bow to pay the bills.

“I love the outdoors,” Ramsvig says. “But raising three girls and putting food on the table is more important than keeping the bow.”

So deer and elk, you’re safe for now. But don’t get too comfy.  Ramsvig and his girls will be coming for you again soon.

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