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Thinking about selling or buying?

Posted January 22, 2014 in Altoona, Advice Column, Pleasant Hill

Most everyone who is thinking about a move in 2014 is preparing is or her home to sell in the spring. But have you ever considered the positives of selling your home in the winter months?

One reason to consider such a move is because during the winter months there are fewer houses on the market for buyers to choose from. That means less competition for you, the seller, trying to sell your home. Another thing to consider is buyers are usually more eager to close and move quickly. There might be fewer buyers in the winter months, but those who are out there are looking to move quickly and get settled. These buyers don’t usually go back again and again. They want to buy a house right now.

Also, your home might show better in the winter. Warm and cozy might be just what some buyers are looking for, and in the winter, your home might show at its best. Buyers can sometimes see themselves cozied up by the fireplace, and it might be just what they are looking for. Holiday lighting also helps show a home’s special features. Always consider the winter months when thinking about when the best time to sell your home might be.

There are also four great reasons to buy a home in the winter.  The appraisers, title companies and termite inspectors are less busy during the winter months. The process goes quicker because there are fewer closings in the winter months. This can be to a buyer’s benefit looking for a quick closing. Buyers can also take advantage of post-holiday sales when shopping for new hardware, appliances, furnishings and decorations for their new home. If you are the buyer, you are more likely to see home showings at their best. As sellers have more company in their homes during the holidays, their homes are ready to be seen, clean and organized and lots of family visitors in the winter months. It is also possible that buyers can take advantage of tax credits for their mortgage interest, real estate taxes and mortgage insurance premiums toward the end of the year and or also at the beginning of the new year as well.

These are just some things to consider as you think about buying and or selling your home, when is the best time to list your home or head out and begin looking to buy your new home. Interest rates are still outstanding. This looks to be another wonderful year to refinance or purchase/sell your home.  You really cannot complain about such low interest rates in this time of the year. Keeping your house payments lower allows you to be able to afford more home for your money. Stop in and look at the numbers for your scenario with your mortgage lender.

Information provided by Lori Slings, Valley Bank, 160 Adventureland Drive, Suite H, Altoona, (515) 967-4700, lslings@valleyb.com.

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