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LEDs gaining traction

Posted January 22, 2014 in Advice Column

The lighting market is changing very fast. Light emitting diodes (leds) are predicted to become the dominant light source by 2025, according to the Department of Energy. What is different about this is the market share of LEDs will be won by lumen hours rather than dollars. If this is to happen, the U.S. energy lighting consumption will be cut nearly in half. What does this mean for consumers?

As light emitting diodes become more familiar to contractors, the need for customer acceptance is a big factor. Change is great to some and terrible to others. Pricing between traditional lighting and LED lighting is somewhat different. Many advantages are present with installing LED lighting. Some include less energy consumption, up to five times less on some fixtures with the same light output from an incandescent lamp. Life expectancy up to 16 times the life of an incandescent lamp is also a large advantage in applications with inconvenient lighting locations for replacement or maintenance.

Many remember the classic CFL (compact fluorescent lamp).  One problem existed with this lamp. Testing was done at a minimum, and many are not performing up to expectation. The testing on the LED has been much more cautious about bringing new products to the marketplace. The industry learned from mistakes made by manufacturers of cfls.

Big bets are being placed on LEDs.

The next time you are considering a lighting option, keep led in the picture.

Information provided by Jonathan Hart, Cornerhart Electric, CEnergy Solar Solutions, 20502 490th St., Centerville, (641)895-2283.

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