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Come to the end of yourself

Posted January 22, 2014 in Altoona, Advice Column, Pleasant Hill

If you have lived long enough, you know this life brings you challenges and despair. The entire world seems to be suffering from some kind of hardship. As long as we are alive in this world, our faith and resolve will be tested. The tests, while some are painful, give us opportunity for the most growth. In addition to the tests we all must face, we get so anxious and forget that many tests are simply opportunities for growth. On top of it all, many take no personal responsibility and make excuses for their poor choices.

Are you excited about life? Do you just exist? Are you a drifter? Has your joy faded? Did you once have an inner drive that has almost seemingly vanished? Have you been in bondage over your excess weight? I know there are many reasons to feel discouraged and lose enthusiasm for life, but there is hope.

It seems years ago in school we were given achievement marks noted by an “S,” “U” or “O” standing for satisfactory, unsatisfactory or outstanding. So many settled for the “S” and few aimed high for the “O,” rarely exerting extra effort it took to earn excellence.

This crazy world screams from the mountaintops that the only thing wrong with you is you don’t think highly enough of yourself. This is a lie. Some tell us that a bigger view of you is what is needed for true success. I would argue just the opposite is needed. People who are self-focused lose sight of what God really designed them to do and as a result, intentionally give up. Internal focus will ultimately leave you more discouraged. Know this truth: You have more potential inside you than you realize, but you can’t go it alone. We need others.

So how do you get it done, regardless of your goal(s)? It starts with a passion. Every person who succeeds has a passion. What is yours? Take that passion, develop a plan and implement it. You can not go it alone. You’ll need others to enlist to fulfill your vision. It will take courage in the face of opposition. There will be many naysayers who will try to discourage you along the climb. You’ll need core values and the ability to stick to them no matter what. Never forget thanksgiving to God in all things.

So what is your desire? What are you going to change starting today? When you stop making excuses about where you come from, how you were raised, how thin you used to be, and stop talking about “what you could/should have done,” you’ll start your success journey. If you have big dreams, fight the fight and go do it. “Almost” never wins.

Written by David Charleston, owner/founder The Orange Planet Athletic Club, 5650 Metro Business Drive, Pleasant Hill,

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