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Posted January 15, 2014 in Community Featured, Grimes
Anthony Koester and his father found this buggy at an auction in Dallas Center.

Anthony Koester and his father found this buggy at an auction in Dallas Center.

Where do you go if you wish to buy something you don’t know you want? The Internet isn’t a bad guess, but delivery takes time and instant gratification is the goal. The answer is in auctions and estates sale, where you can find everything you didn’t know you wanted for a price you decide. Take it from Anthony Koester, who has found everything from sports memorabilia to a pretzel machine to a horse buggy — even the tools to start his own business.

“It’s just sort of a hobby that we started doing, going to auctions with the hope of finding some unique and creative things,” said Koester. “That’s how my dad came across the (horse) buggy.”

They discovered the buggy this past fall at an estate auction in Dallas Center. While not much is known about it, the one thing they do know is that it was handmade by the previous owner. The two-row buggy is actually bigger than it appears in the photo and currently is confined to the garage simply because — with its topper on — it’s too big to move outside.

While Koester and his father love their unique finds, some of these buys are intended to be flipped as quickly as possible. The buggy is no exception, though they do have some ideas on how they can use it if they don’t sell it. Koester started an inflatables business (Koester Inflatables LLC) after he found a couple party inflatables at — where else — an auction. If nothing else, kids would probably enjoy playing on it or going for rides.

“But right now, it’ll just have to sit in our messy garage,” Koester’s father adds.

For father and son, it’s just about sharing a hobby they’ve both come to enjoy. It’s about finding the odd knick-knack and adding it to their collection. However, the two are willing to answer the hard questions when it comes to this game.

“Well, we’ve lived in this house since about 2005, and I don’t think since that time we’ve ever been able to fit the car into our garage,” Koester says. “There’s always more auctions.”

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