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Building relationships in 2014

Posted January 15, 2014 in Community Featured, Grimes

The community of Grimes needs to work together to ensure continued economic progress. Grimes Chamber and Economic Development recognizes our economy will need to rely primarily on existing businesses to fuel growth. We are committed to being a motivating force in the ongoing effort to cultivate local business growth and increased economic opportunities.

With rare exceptions, government, chambers of commerce and economic development organizations do not create jobs; businesspeople do. Nevertheless, each of these entities can and should help to create the type of environment where businesses can flourish.

Based on national research, the average community will derive 76 percent of its new jobs and capital investment from existing business. Business attraction will contribute 15 percent, and new start-up businesses will deliver the balance of the new jobs and capital investment by about 9 percent.

With the above statistics in mind, it is reasonable that our local economic development strategy must have a strong focus on the retention and expansion of businesses already located, producing goods, offering services, employing citizens and paying taxes right here in our community.

To many business owners, communities are viewed as an investment. When deciding to grow or locate a business, a savvy owner will generally be attracted to a community that provides the best potential for growth, has the most perceived value, is diversified and stable. These assets make the likelihood of business success greater, which is a very positive scenario.

Likewise, when recruiting companies to our community, we look for many of the same things. Cities want to attract companies that have the potential to grow, provide value to the community, appear to be stable and that may add some diversity to their business portfolio.

Great companies will be attracted to a community that truly values and supports their mission; not just their investment. Similar to a personal relationship, once a rapport has been established between the company and the community it chooses, both parties can enjoy mutual benefits for generations to come. Also like personal relationships, ongoing communication and a level of interaction improve the likelihood of a healthy ongoing association.

If you or someone you know would like to set up a meeting to discuss a business expansion concept, to research local development opportunities or to just begin forming a stronger relationship with an organization dedicated to building an even greater community, please feel free to contact me (Brian Buethe, executive director at Grimes Chamber and Economic Development) at (515) 986-5770 or  There is no cost, and all economic development conversations are considered confidential in nature.

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