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Weight loss via detoxification

Posted January 08, 2014 in Advice Column, Clive

Today, our environment is highly toxic. Recent scientific literature confirms environmental chemicals and toxins easily find their way into your body via the foods you eat, water you drink, skin care products you use, medications (prescription and OTC) you take, and air you breathe. Although normally present in small amounts, it’s easy to see how toxins can accumulate over a period of time.

Detoxification is an important part of good health. If our bodies weren’t able to eliminate toxins on a daily basis, we would die immediately. This toxic overload is no different than consuming poison. The purpose of detoxification is to give the body a fresh start: eliminate excess stored fat, ingest various antioxidants and the purging of toxins in your system. When the body efficiently eliminates toxins, health is restored and energy and vigor are revitalized. Many people today have no recollection of what good health “feels” like. They struggle to survive with excessive toxins in their body at an existence that is less than healthy.

Detoxification for the body may refer to the cleansing of the bowels, kidneys, liver or the blood, since these are the organs involved in removing chemicals and toxins from the body. While there are many detoxification programs available, they differ in their actions and intent. The detoxifications we utilize at True Life eliminate toxins in your body by targeting areas that are highly concentrated with fat cells. By eliminating these toxins, your body is better able to eliminate excess stored body fat and forces one to ingest antioxidants which contribute to toxin elimination as well.

Many detox programs may increase energy levels, help kick caffeine, smoking or drug habits, aid in weight loss and help you “reboot,” so to speak. You can effectively restore your health to a higher level and look younger in the process. Detoxification is a natural starting point for improving or supporting health.

While it is clearly not beneficial to detox excessively, many adults benefit from two to four detoxes per year. Just like “spring cleaning” your home, cleaning your internal biochemistry makes good sense.

Please don’t be tempted to use internal cleansing as another “quick fix.” It’s not. However, if you are ready to make small, healthy shifts in your diet and lifestyle, a detoxification program is a smart and affordable starting point.

Information provided by Dr. Tyler Molstre, D.C., True Life Wellness 14225 University Ave., Suite 118, Waukee, 225-2266,

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