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Posted January 01, 2014 in Community Featured, Clear Lake
Chuck and Deb Frieden upsized their home to make room for grandchildren to visit as often as they can.

Chuck and Deb Frieden upsized their home to make room for grandchildren to visit as often as they can.

Chuck and Deb Frieden have reached a time in their life when many folks start to think about slowing down, easing up, simplifying.

Downsizing is the word of the day when couples, having emptied their own nest, seek a little space to care for in this world. But about the time when kids leaves, there appears this wonderful thing called “grandchildren.”

“We had another home in this neighborhood, and it was quite a bit smaller, but we kept getting more grandchildren,” explains Deb. “It was getting very claustrophobic. It was a really cute home, but it was getting too small, with only two small bedrooms.”

So in order to make the most of their growing family life, this couple decided it was time to swim against the trend and upsize.

When a larger home came on the market on North Shore Drive they decided to just take a look.

“Oh, the family would love this,” Deb recalls thinking as she wondered through the spacious open kitchen and living area.

Still, the couple hesitated.

“We didn’t buy it right away, but the following March it came back on the market again,” the couple recalls.

And they knew it was time to act, selling their long-time home nearby.

“It was a really cute home, but there just wasn’t room for all the sleeping arrangements,” Deb recalls.

Chuck chimes in that having to access the bathroom through the master bedroom was another downfall of their former home.

In the new home, the couple enjoys three bedrooms and two full baths, making it easy to host all their children and grandchildren.

The family’s favorite time to get together is for all the summertime holidays. They enjoy being close to The Surf and close to the lake for entertainment, day or evening.

“It’s nice to go out boating with all the kids,” Chuck notes.

As for the grandchildren, their favorite feature is probably the hot tub.

Deb especially enjoys the larger kitchen, which makes it easy to spread out and create meals the whole family can enjoy together. Chuck has also noticed this his wife enjoys putting her own flair on the home.

“I think she likes to decorate,” he says with a warm smile.

But the home never looks finer than filled with all their family.

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