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High performance

Posted January 01, 2014 in Community Featured, Urbandale
Kris Magnani flew to Milwaukee to buy this Porsche Boxter.

Kris Magnani flew to Milwaukee to buy this Porsche Boxter.

Kris and Denise Magnani aren’t sports car enthusiasts, although the 2000 Porsche Boxster hibernating in their Urbandale garage indicates otherwise. The pair simply wanted a convertible, something they could ride around in the summer, top down. Kris found the Boxster of their dreams online, flew to Milwaukee sight unseen and returned six hours later with the beauty.

“I was in England for work and told Kris to go for it,” Denise says.  “We’ve always wanted a Porsche, always wanted a convertible.”

The Magnani fleet includes Lexuses, one apiece, but they clearly have more fun with the Porsche. They smile at each other while describing the feeling of hitting the gas on the high performance German machine.

“The Porsche just goes…” Denise says, stopping short of “Vrrrooom!”

The Urbandale residents are IT professionals with ambition to one day own a Ferrari. Kris, sporting a Porsche logo on his ball cap, takes great care to ensure their current toy remains in showroom condition. He’s the type who parks farther away than he has to, avoiding potential door dings.

The previous owner also took great care of the vehicle, which only has 19,000 miles to date.  Kris especially appreciated owner No. 1 fitting the rear vinyl window with a custom cut towel, which remained even at the dealership.

“The car was in showroom condition.  Absolutely perfect.  It’s very well taken care of.” Kris says.

KrisThe Magnanis drive the Porsche equally, only during the spring and summer. They’ve tacked on just 2,000 miles since purchase. It did come with a hard-top, giving them another winter option, should they choose. For now, they’re happy babying the powerful sports car. Fully winterized, the Porsche is under custom cover in the garage, battery exerciser attached.

Their favorite Porsche story involves the parking lot where they receive odd looks opening the hood to load groceries. It makes sense that way; the engine sitting behind the driver’s seat, there’s significantly more room up front. Kris and Denise also mention the Tiptronic transmission, which allows control of gear selection. Denise will play around with it; Kris is fine with automatic.

“The thing about the Porsche, it isn’t about prestige, really it’s just a great car,” Denise says.

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