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Q: Why is pain a problem?

Posted December 25, 2013 in Advice Column, Boone

A: The Institute of Medicine identified chronic pain as one of the most undertreated, lifestyle-impacting problems in the U.S. with a greater incidence than cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure combined. For many, low back and leg pain should resolve itself within several weeks; however, for some it does not.

Not treating pain can be detrimental as some of the underlying root causes of pain progressively worsen. Those with pain run a risk of decreased functionality and changes that can occur due to chronic pain sensations. Some who “self-treat” with detrimental means do not work on identifying the underling root cause of pain. Some may lose hope, or think it’s a natural part of aging — which is far more detrimental to a person’s functional capacities.

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Information provided by Chris Hanson, Mid Iowa Anesthesia, 515-212-2024,

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