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Meet Amanda Corwin

Posted December 25, 2013 in Community Featured, Pleasant Hill
Amanda Corwin teaches physical  science, biology and anatomy at S.E.P High School.

Amanda Corwin teaches physical
science, biology and anatomy at S.E.P High School.

Faith, family and friendship are the priorities in Amanda Corwin’s life. It was by faith she discovered her career path, which also led to meeting her husband and bringing her to S.E.P. High School as a science teacher.

Corwin came from the small town of Camanche — the “nose of Iowa.”

“I love small-town Iowa,” Corwin says. “We had a town restaurant and a two-aisle grocery store.”

Her grandfather had a cabin on the Mississippi where the family would fish for catfish, bluegill and bass.

When Corwin was not spending time with family, she was either at school or working.

“In high school, I was in drama and was always type-cast as the old ditzy person,” Corwin says.

She remembers one particular day on campus that changed her life forever.

“God told me what I was going to do,” she says. “I was to be a camp counselor at Camp Io-dis-e-ca in Cedar Rapids.”

Working as a summer counselor led Corwin to realize her teaching dream, but it also landed her a husband.

“My husband, Josh, thought it was cool that I had worked there,” she says.

Before dating Josh, Corwin had made plans to study abroad.

“I studied in Wales,” she says. “Josh flew out to meet me. We had two weeks of traveling together:  London, Rome and Italy. While in the airport in Paris, the loudspeaker was saying something in French. We didn’t understand it, but then all of a sudden there was a loud boom. Apparently, if there is an unattended bag, they blow them up.”

After graduating from Iowa, Corwin received her first teaching job at S.E.P. She has taught physical science, biology and anatomy.

“My favorite time is from 7:50 – 3:01,” she says. “I love teaching. I love what I do. I want to teach more than academics — I want to teach my students to be a better person.”

Corwin lives on the east side of Des Moines with her husband, Josh; their two daughters, Grace and Lily; and a Sheltie dog, Hayden.

“My hobby is I like to quilt. I do fit the type cast,” she says.

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