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Decorate to entertain

Posted December 25, 2013 in Altoona, Community Featured
Barb Bagley’s home on Fourth Street Southeast started out as a tiny house.

Barb Bagley’s home on Fourth Street Southeast started out as a tiny house.

This well-kept white abode on Fourth Street Southeast appears to be small. But as you step inside Barb Bagley’s home, you’ll find a visual delight of space and holiday decor.

The front dining room with a table set for 12 is coupled with a buffet surrounded by a large mirror and built-in lights. The Christmas greens on the table are oversized with ribbons and bulbs. The bright red pieces on the buffet are designed with flare.

Once upon a time, this space was the main living room. This early 1900s home was a two small-bedroom, one very-tiny-bathroom home. Only with time and lots of thinking to increase the space did two different additions occur.

The first addition in the early ’80s was the front piano room. This is where the black baby grand sits, along with cozy seating — a sectional couch and formal white chairs. The art in this room is old ceiling tiles that have been painted fuchsia and framed to fit a large wall. The gas fireplace sits in the corner.

This first addition is the perfect place for Bagley to practice piano for Sundays at church and occasional performances at Park Ridge Nursing Home.

005The second addition was complete in the ’90s. The back sun room and additional family room are designed, built and decorated to a T. The sun room off the kitchen has narrow windows all around. The family room has a built-in gas fireplace surrounded by shelves, TV and mantel. The room is painted golden with accents of red. The red leather rocking chair in the corner is eclectic and homey. The extra-large circular mirror rounds out the room.

The Christmas tree in this room is tastefully and professionally decorated with large gold balls and red decorations. The white lights twinkle even during the day.

All ready for Christmas, Bagley plans on having several different dinners — family, church groups and friends at her elongated dining room table.

She’ll serve beef and noodles or lasagna or homemade chicken pot pies with either a four-layer dessert, cake or homemade pies.

“I love the space I have here,” says Bagley. “And I love to entertain.”

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