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’35 Cadillac Town Sedan

Posted December 25, 2013 in Community Featured, Boone

Steve and Connie Kruck know what a treasure they have in their hands. Talk to Steve for just a few minutes and one gets the feeling that he views it as a privilege to care for a car with such deep ties to local history.

This 1935 Cadillac Town Sedan has a long history in the local area and is currently owned by Steve and Connie Kruck.

This 1935 Cadillac Town Sedan has a long history in the local area and is currently owned by Steve and Connie Kruck.

“This car has always been titled in Boone or Dallas county,” he begins. “It’s had five owners; Dan Powers was one of them, and there’s been a couple others, but nobody knows the first one. We just know that it was an attorney in Perry.”

The car is a rather rare 1935 Cadillac Town Sedan — and it is nothing less than a beauty to behold. When one considers the depth of the Great Depression that America was experiencing that year, the luxury of this vehicle becomes a real marvel.

“I believe it sold new for around $4,000 or $5,000 — which was a lot of money back then,” Kruck notes.

For all its luxury, the car had been largely left idle for much of its life until another Boone man, Tom Crooks, took ownership,  according to Kruck.

“Tom Crooks purchased it in 1990 and spent three or four years working on it,” Kruck explains. “He did all the work himself.”

The car, originally black — as almost every vehicle was in those early years of the 20th century — had set in what Crooks used to call “dry, dead storage” for some 50 years.

“It just sat there, and it had probably gotten pretty bad,” Kruck adds.

But Crooks got it running again, even restoring the original flathead V8 engine. These days, Kruck says the car is a dream to drive at even 60 or 70 mph.

“It drives good going down the highway; it’s just very smooth,” he says. “I drive it three or four times a year, but I need to do that more.”

The car is now a brilliant, two-tone blue with just a few bright red accents to show off some of the art deco details. Even the air vents along the front hood are a work of art.

To Kruck, it seems like a pleasure to care for this beauty.

“I’m not a restorer. I’m just a preserver. I like to keep them running and keep them in good shape,” he concludes.

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