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Visit the JPL Art Gallery at Johnston Public Library

Posted December 18, 2013 in Community Blogs, Johnston

Johnston Public Library has a new art gallery located in the southwest corridor of the library. The JPL Art Gallery features local artists from Iowa with, new work being displayed every two months. Read on for more information and artist biographies from the artists currently on display:

ARTIST:  Suzanne Sulzer
Acrylic on canvas
JPL Art GalleryI grew up as the daughter and granddaughter of very imaginative artists. I follow in their footsteps and forge new paths. My mother gave me my first painting lessons. Along with my sister Brandie, we would go the back yard and make quite a mess as we learned composition, color mixing and brush stoke technique. As a teacher of art, I am constantly pushed to try new things and cannot be pigeonholed into one medium as my “preferred” genre. I love to try new things and better my hand at old standbys. I am not afraid to do folk art or high art, they both have their merits and I refuse to rank one higher than the other.

ARTIST: Steph Fitzsimmons
Acrylic on canvas
I am an Iowa artist who specializes in painting dogs (and sometimes cats). My goal is to capture the unrestrained joy and enthusiasm that animals bring to our lives. Mainly my paintings are acrylics on canvas. Sometimes I switch it up and work in pencil, ink, colored pencil, watercolor, digitally in Photoshop or Illustrator, or some crazy combination of these. I am a big fan of pitbulls and they show up frequently in my art. I find their comedic nature and smiling faces terribly hard to resist. Steph Fitzsimmons’ work can be found at

ARTIST: Lisa Cooper
Pastels & watercolor
Lisa is a member of the Johnston Library Board and a Friend of Johnston Public Library. She has coordinated the “Art in the Barn” event for the Johnston Public Library and the “Art in the Prairie” event in Perry IA.

ARTIST: Karla Kuhn
Acrylic on canvas

For more information, or if you are interested in having your art displayed at the library, please contact Karla at or call the Johnston Public Library at 515.278.5233.

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