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Q: What are some tips for healthy holiday travel?

Posted December 11, 2013 in Advice Column, Norwalk

A: If your holiday travel plans involve a boarding pass or ticket, they’ll also probably involve other peoples’ germs. Keep yourself and your family safe and healthy with these travel tips for the holiday season.
• Keep your hands out of and away from your mouth. This seems basic but think about the number of times you chew on a fingernail, lean on your hand or get your fingers near your mouth, it adds up.
• Wash and sanitize. Anti-bacterial sanitizer is good in a pinch, but no substitute for actual soap and water. When you get a chance, wash your hands while traveling.
• Be wary of common areas.  Handrails, hard plastic airport seats, overhead compartments — if a lot of people touch them, they could still be carrying germs.
• Drink water. Being well hydrated helps keep your body healthy and may help fend off illness.
• Take your vitamins. Zinc and vitamin C can really help boost your immune system. You can also snack on antioxidant rich foods like apples and raisins while in transit.
• Pack tissues. When someone next to you sneezes, you may feel funny about covering your nose and mouth, but it is not a bad idea. And if you have to sneeze, you need to be sure to use a tissue yourself.

From the physicians and staff at UnityPoint Clinic at Norwalk, have a safe and healthy holiday season.

Information provided by blisstree.com/tips for healthy holiday travel, submitted by Ronda Montgomery, UnityPoint Clinic, 801 Colonial Circle, Norwalk, 285-3200.

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