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Eighth graders lead us into 2014

Posted December 11, 2013 in Community Featured, Greene County
Samantha Hardaway and Haley Hall interview Curly Eason.

Samantha Hardaway and Haley Hall interview Curly Eason.

A group of eighth grade volunteers is now leading the way with a new project that is truly fulfilling the Greene County Historical Society’s mission of keeping local history alive.

The project, “Growing Up Greene,” highlights the fact that we all have stories to tell. It was the idea of the society’s Education Outreach Committee members Jan Durlam, Mary Weaver and Roger Aegerter, along with Greene County Schools teacher David Bohnet. The students are conducting interviews with several historical society members, using a list of questions to guide their conversations. The short interviews are being videotaped at the museum in Jefferson and may be gathered into a final product for sharing. In the meantime, some snippets have been posted on the society’s Facebook page and have attracted many enthusiastic comments.

“Growing Up Greene” will be the inspiration for gathering more stories from our members throughout 2014. In past generations many people kept journals or mailed letters to record their everyday lives, but today much communication is by phone or email and is forever lost. This means that future generations will have fewer clues to help them imagine what life was like for their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents in Greene County. To help fill in the gaps, we will invite members to tell their stories, reminiscing each month through written accounts or tapings, about particular experiences of their youth.

To begin the process, the April meeting will be an opportunity to celebrate the arrival of spring — and the return of all our “snowbird” members — by asking people to recall a favorite “snowstorm” story from their youth. A short written account, or a ready anecdote for videotaping, will get the ball rolling for this year-long celebration of the stories we all have to tell.

The author of this story, Ces Brunow, has been nominated to serve as president of the Greene County Historical Society during the year 2014. You can write her at

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