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Cheesecake lady

Posted December 11, 2013 in Community Featured

She’s open all the time now!

It’s not just a specialty business, an in-home sensation anymore. She’s got a downtown storefront, regular hours and more cheesecake than  you could ever dream of eating.

Cheesecakes come in an abundance of flavors and sizes, so why choose only one?

Cheesecakes come in an abundance of flavors and sizes, so why choose only one?

Now open on Central Avenue, the Fort Dodge Cheesecake Lady has flavor sensations more bountiful than Santa’s elves. How could I choose? That has to be why I love the sizes offered and the beautiful way they are all presented.

In most places, food this pretty usually loses some of its flavor. That’s not the case at the Fort Dodge Cheesecake Lady. Somehow, the cheesecakes here have retained all their homemade fresh flavors, while having the look of perfectly-presented, culinary masterpieces.

But let’s get down to some of the choices. The strawberry swirl cheesecake is a classic any time of year, but as the holidays near I crave more caramel and chocolate, and find my ultimate fulfillment in the five-inch turtle cheesecake.

Actually, when it comes to cheesecake here, there’s a flavor for every taste. The turtle is wonderful, and the S’mores feel like a campfire on a Friday night. There’s almond and coconut, chocolate, and too many more to mention.

And then there’s the brownies. Again, too many to mention, but don’t miss the caramel toffee or Black Forest brownies.

Of course, if dessert alone is too decadent, I’m glad to report the Fort Dodge Cheesecake Lady has added luncheon items to the menu. There’s a great selection of daily soups, sure to warm on a body on a cold winter’s day, as well as deli-style ham, turkey and roast beef sandwiches to choose from.

After a leisurely lunch with friends, I choose to stock up for the holidays and bring home a selection of cheesecake minis so everyone could choose his or her own favorite.

Fort Dodge Cheesecake Lady
518 Central Ave.
(515) 576-0025
Saturday: 9:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Tues. – Fri.: 9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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