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Looking back

Posted December 04, 2013 in Adel, Community Featured

100 years ago: “Local Happenings: Public Library Benefit Friday, Palace Theatre. The Board of Supervisors was hearing some ditch matters yesterday. Chief Red Fox is a full blooded Sioux Indian from Rosebud, South Dakota. Dr. Whitmer returned this morning from Grinnell where he went to attend a dentist convention. Miss Cecil Brock is at present attending school at Cedar Falls taking a special course in Domestic Science.”
Advertisement: “H. V. Rickerson, The Clothier in Adel – Your Clothes Critics and men who insist upon “making an appearance” don’t be satisfied with anything less than a hand tailored suit of the finest quality from $18.00 to $25.00.”

75 years ago: “Burger Assists in Breaking up Ring of Hog Stealers:  Deputy Sheriff E. A. Burger returned last evening from Albany, Missouri where he has been the past 10 days assisting Missouri officers in the accumulation of evidence which has resulted in breaking up a ring of hog thieves. They operated for a long time in Iowa and the neighboring states.”
Advertisement: “Mitchell Motor Company – 10 Day Sale: 1938 Lincoln Zephyr Sedan less than 7,000 miles – $250.00; 1936 Ford V-8 Deluxe Tudor – gray – mohair upholstery – like new – $250.00; 1929 Model A Pick-up the whole family will like – $49.50.”

50 years ago: “Caption: Becky Dymond was honored for her play against Southeast Polk. Miss Dymond plays a rugged guard and did an outstanding job of holding down two big forwards and keeping the board clean of rebounds.”
Advertisement: “Goodyear Service Store Christmas Carnival of Gifts: High speed dryer – $179; SURE – GRIP winter tires with 190 tractor-type cleats – No limit – guaranteed – 2 for $26.00; Stereo – Prices start at $149.00.

25 years ago: “Local Cook: Introducing Mrs. Helen Dawes, a cook that really “loves“ to cook, but like most of us doesn’t like the dishes, pots and pans that always seems to accumulate afterwards. Her recipe for the Local Cook Feature: “Chicago Hot” Ingredients: 1 peck ripe tomatoes, peeled, chopped and drained overnight. Add 2 red peppers, 2 green peppers, chopped, 2 cups chopped onion, 1 cup strong hors radish, 4 cups sugar, 1 cup vinegar, 2 T salt. Method: Boil another cup of vinegar with 1  stick cinnamon , 1 T mixed pickling spices. Cool. Then add to above. Can cold. Makes about 1 gal. To be served on hamburger, roast, pork or roast beef.”
Advertisement: “United Food Market: Cranberry Sauce – 19 cents, “Elsworth” Grade A Young Toms – 20 to 24 lbs. – 29 cents lb. – 30” celery – 15 cents; Folgers Coffee – 2 lb. – $1.49; Hams – 5 lb. tin – $3.69.”

Some interesting facts about Adel
When lights and heat were made available to the residents of Adel on August 24, 1894 it was 20 candle power for gas, heat and lights. The rate was $1.25 a month for gas for fuel and $1.50 for lights.
Museum moments:

Two artifacts have been donated to the museum. Paula Devore donated a pie bird. The hollow pie bird vents steam from the filling as it cooks. Ed Morrow donated a poison bottle. Beginning in the mid-1800s, poisonous substances came onto the market to control plants and vermin and also for surface cleaners.  To prevent mishaps because of poor lighting, poison bottles were given distinctive features that identified them by touch.

Information provided by Adel Historical Museum.

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