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Harleys, Packers and cars

Posted December 04, 2013 in Community Featured, Johnston
Greg Fontanini’s garage is a man cave that reflects his interests.

Greg Fontanini’s garage is a man cave that reflects his interests.

There’s just something about forts that stir the imagination of a young person’s mind. Some were lucky enough to have a tree fort/house while others made do with pillows, blankets and any surface more than 10 inches off the ground. Getting older doesn’t mean these forts go away; they simply alter to what’s commonly referred to today as the man cave.

“My wife’s the one who really did all this,” says Greg Fontanini. “With some of my input, of course. She likes this (setup) as much as I do.”

As it stands now Fontanini’s garage is dressed from ceiling to fan in flags, posters, signs, hats, newspaper clippings and a host of other sport and motorcycle paraphernalia. No wonder the two-car garage has become the place to be on weekends and game day for the neighborhood.

“A neighbor of mine bought me the (Brett Favre) Fathead, and I didn’t really have anywhere to put it,” Fontanini says. “That’s what really got this whole thing rolling.”

A look at the garage reveals much about Fontanini and his interests. The Green Bay Packer wall — complete with everything from cheese hat to the season schedule — is easily explained since he’s been a fan all his life. Harley Davidson apparel dons the opposite wall, a constant reminder to his motorcycle past. And the third wall and ceiling boasts a variety of NASCAR and beer apparel. These days, though, Fontanini has hinted they might need to redo the Harley wall.

“I don’t have a Harley anymore, so I keep saying we need to change (the wall) up,” says Fontanini. “We bought a boat last year, so I’m thinking we need to make it into a boating wall. But we’ll see.”

Ultimately this little cave offers protection from the weather while it allows folks to sort of be outside, which is just what Fontanini likes. This isn’t about his place; it’s about a place where neighbors can get together and have a good time.

“The good thing about it is this neighborhood is un-freaking-believable,” Fontanini says. “People from all around the neighborhood swing by, and there may be a couple that don’t participate, but they don’t say a word. We’ll be out here until 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning some nights, and they won’t say a word. So it’s kind of just the gathering place.”

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