Tuesday, June 22, 2021

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Q: Should I be making my 2014 goals now?

Posted November 27, 2013 in Advice Column, Waukee

A: Just like diets and fad workout programs, resolutions usually never work. How many times have you said to yourself, “This year I’m going to lose 10 pounds and start living healthier,” or “I’m going to finally take care of those headaches”? Most of us only talk and not enough take action. We have great intentions but somewhere down the line, we get “busy.” This may seem early, but now is the time to make goals for next year. That way, when next year hits, you’re ready to go. Make 2014 the year of action I saw a statistic that said for every $1 you spend on medication you can expect to pay $1 on treating side effects for that medication. Why not invest in yourself, instead of the drug companies?

Your health is a savings account; you must invest early and consistently. This “health account” will grow in time and keep you out of the hospital, off unnecessary medications and functioning at a high level. Living a balanced life and making good lifestyle choices are the key to a healthier life. You might have all the ideas to get healthy, but are you doing it? Eight Weeks to Wellness is the leading healthcare program in the U.S. This is not a weight loss program; this is a lifestyle change program. For eight weeks you will receive two chiropractic adjustments per week, a one-hour massage per week, two personalized training sessions per week, a nutrition program and guided meditation, all customized to fit your life and goals. Go to 8ww.com for more information and the nearest 8WW wellness center near you. Stop talking and start doing. Make the commitment to a healthier life.

Answer provided by Dr. Wesley Nyberg, Waukee Wellness & Chiropractic, 710 Alice’s Road, 978-6661.

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