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Meet Amelia Steffensmeier

Posted November 27, 2013 in Community Featured, Beaverdale
Amelia Steffensmeier teaches kindergarten at Holy Trinity Catholic School.

Amelia Steffensmeier teaches kindergarten at Holy Trinity Catholic School.

Having always felt a special connection with children, Amelia Steffensmeier knew exactly which road she was meant to travel. Choosing kindergarten was also an easy choice since this fabulous teacher because she found the lessons to be fun and exciting to teach.

“I think it is so rewarding to watch little ones grow,” says Steffensmeier. “Their curiosity and thirst for learning makes each day a fun adventure for me. “We are always doing something fun and hands on in kindergarten. We are getting ready to celebrate Christmas and I have a lot of really fun religious crafts in store.”

In her second year at Holy Trinity, Amelia has embraced the school’s culture.

“I just love the sense of community that is present in our school,” she says. “I have felt at home from day one.”

Steffensmeier has many funny stories that have come from everyday life in her class.

“One day after a bathroom break one of my students came into the classroom and told me he had just seen Jesus. Since we are in a Catholic school, I didn’t think much of it. I just assumed he saw a picture or crucifix somewhere around the building. As we continued to talk about him seeing Jesus, I came to realize he was talking about Father Michael, Holy Trinity’s pastor. It was really cute and funny.”

One of Steffensmeier’s’s favorite things to do with her class is share stories.

“I love reading ‘Chester the Cat’ books by Melanie Watt,” she says. “They are a little silly, but my kids love them. In my spare time I enjoy reading. It’s a great thing to start children on at a young age. It is always great when children come to school with a love for reading. This is best accomplished through parents reading to your children daily.”

Steffensmeier has great hopes for each member of her class.

“I hope that each of my students leaves my class with a sense of pride,” she says. “They are all such wonderful young people and I hope that they have come to realize how special they are. I am so proud of them. Nothing is more rewarding then when you spend hours preparing for a lesson and it really works. You can only measure the success of your teaching through their learning.”

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