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Gnome sweet gnome

Posted November 27, 2013 in Community Featured, Beaverdale
Trevor McKee’s gnomes remind him of fun he had while in high school.

Trevor McKee’s gnomes remind him of fun he had while in high school.

What if someone were to tell you that a small man, no taller than the span of your hands, lives in your garden, tending to it when you’re not around? This man is fond of most pastimes and loves a good nap, but when any person happens by, he quickly turns to stone. These little guys are called gnomes, and for Trevor McKee, he prefers their mysterious nature in his garage.

“I’m not really sure exactly what gnomes are supposed to do,” says McKee. “My friends and I just thought they were funny.”

As some collections go, McKee and his teenage friends “acquired” these gnomes during their youthful years.

“There was quite a few of us, so each person had at least one gnome,” McKee says.

These days McKee has only two gnomes left — the one by his garage door and one that he keeps in the basement. The gnomes act as a reminder of an old friend.

“Spencer passed away in 2010, and he really convinced all of us to get on board with these gnomes,” says McKee. “I knew him just about my entire life, and he was always doing stuff like this. Anything for a good story.”

While only one gnome actually makes its home in the garage, McKee made sure each would get its time in the spotlight. As clearly evident by the photo above, McKee can’t help but smile when he’s talking about his two friends. They keep an eye on who comes and goes from the home and are great for conversation.

“It’s something you might not expect in my home, but I can literally remember hundreds of stories about me and my friends in high school just by looking at that little man,” McKee says.

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