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1933 Plymouth

Posted November 27, 2013 in Community Featured, Boone

For the Jones family in Boone, no typical family car will do.

This family knows a good thing when they see it, and classic cars are their shared interest.

For Jason Jones and his parents, Robert and Colleen Jones, when an old Plymouth came up for sale several years ago, they had to have it.

Jason Jones with his mom, Colleen, and the family’s 1933 Plymouth.

Jason Jones with his mom, Colleen, and the family’s 1933 Plymouth.

“My uncle was the last known driver of it,” explains Jason. “A friend of the family owned it, so when he moved out to California, the car came up for sale and we bought it.”

Jason says his uncle, Dave Jones, never had a chance to own the car himself, but did enjoy driving it and taking it to car shows for the previous owner.

The 1933 Plymouth has now been in the Jones family for a dozen years and, while they’ve kept it as original as possible, they’ve still managed to put their own mark on it.

“We rebuilt the engine it, put tires on it, painted the wheels and started driving it,” says Jason. “We take it to car shows, and I like to drive it as much as we can, but we really don’t get it out as much as we should.”

With just 53,000 original miles, the Plymouth features a six-cylinder, flathead engine. There was a 1970s-era restoration done on the interior by the previous owner.

The Plymouth’s original maroon paint still gleams lightly in the sun, and Colleen says the family plans to repaint it to keep it looking fresh, but will keep it the original color.

Over the years, the Jones family has shared a love of classic cars, according to Jason. He recalls a 1948 Ford that his dad completely restored, as well as a few others along the way.

“We’ve had a 1951 Chevy, a 1951 Pontiac Chieftain, and too many more to remember,” Jason says.

And even with all those classics to choose from, Jason doesn’t hesitate about choosing a favorite.

“This one is my favorite because it’s the only one I’ve been able to drive,” Jason says, leaning gently against the old Plymouth.

His own first vehicle was a 1963 Ford truck, but Jason isn’t fussy about what he drives

“I can’t think of anything special that I’d like to have, I just like to have an old car,” he says.

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