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Stairway to Heaven

Posted November 20, 2013 in Community Featured, Downtown
Kelly Kinning’s downtown loft puts her right in the middle of everything.

Kelly Kinning’s downtown loft puts her right in the middle of everything.

Lively conversation comes easy for Kelly Kinning inside her apartment at Marketplace Lofts in downtown Des Moines.

Kinning has a gleeful way about her, and whether you’re talking about bowtie pasta with her favorite sauce or something off the wall like, say, machetes, she’ll have you laughing. (Note: Kinning dared the writer to use the word “machete” in this story.)

If you spend five minutes with Kinning, it’s easy to tell she’s a person who likes to be around people. So it makes perfect sense that she decided to live in a place right in the middle of as many people as possible.

“I wanted to be right here,” she says adamantly while gesturing to her well-kept apartment with the high ceilings and a crisp, clean and fresh feel. “Here was my first choice,” she emphasizes again.

The recently-built loft sits in the heart of downtown Des Moines, and the people mill about on this perfect sunny fall day. The view from the balcony showcases central Iowa’s most vibrant urban neighborhood.

Kinning’s building has a workout facility. But she has a different kind of exercise regime. Kinning’s fear of elevators in combination with her apartment being located on the fifth floor leads to ample exercise by way of stair climbing.

Kinning explains that her inability to step foot on the elevator also effects her grocery shopping decisions.

“I’d never buy a 20-pound turkey,” she says with a laugh.

Kinning is going on her second year in her apartment, and she’s staying put for the foreseeable future.

“I like the modern look of it,” she says. “Everything is minutes away. I’m a baseball girl so I can walk to the Cubs’ (games, and) Gray’s Lake. I like the nightlife feel (of Court Avenue). A lot goes on, and you’re right in the middle of it.”

Kinning’s apartment has thousands of square feet of surface area on the walls, but she’s only adorned them with a single three-piece set of framed pictures. It’s likely the walls are empty because her fun, magnetic personality fills up her social calendar to the brim, so she doesn’t have time to decorate. (Or she could be too worn out from all those stairs.)

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