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Meet Molly Swenson

Posted November 20, 2013 in Community Featured, Grimes
Molly Swenson teaches second grade at South Prairie Elementary School.

Molly Swenson teaches second grade at South Prairie Elementary School.

Molly Swenson is the new second grade teacher at South Prairie Elementary School. She says she knew she always wanted a profession working with children.

“About third grade I decided I’d like to become a teacher,” Swenson says. “When I was a senior in high school, I job shadowed a kindergarten teacher, the same one I had as a kindergartner. I just loved the way she did things.”

Swenson attended public in the West Hancock School District in Britt through high school. She attended Simpson College where she earned her degree in elementary education with endorsements in reading and early childhood.

“My first teaching job was as third grade teacher in the Hancock School District,” Swenson says. “Then I had the opportunity to come to Dallas Center Grimes as a second grade teacher. DC-G is bigger as a district, but it still has that small-town feel.”

Swenson says she really enjoys teaching math and reading.

“Both are such important subjects for students to learn,” she says. In math her students are studying addition and subtraction strategies. They are using bar graphs, both individually and as a class, where they can compare graphs with each others.

Swenson says one of her favorite parts of her day is right before lunch when they have about 10 minutes of reading altogether, and some individually, when the students can apply the skills they’ve learned.

“We spend some time on extras, craft kind of things, and other activities,” Swenson says. “It allows the students to show their personality in their work.”

“The parent involvement here at DC-G is awesome,” Swenson says. “When we went on a field trip to the Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad, nearly half of the parents volunteered to go along as chaperones. The kids thought the ride across the Kate Shelley bridge was ‘way cool.’ ”

In her spare time, Swenson likes to read, run and bake treats — anything chocolate.

“I find that every day is totally different, and it is really fun for me to come to work each day,” she says.

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