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Father’s footsteps

Posted November 20, 2013 in Ankeny, Community Featured
Jasper the mountain lion will soon move from Roger and Cindy Adamson’s garage to  a ledge overlooking the front foyer.

Jasper the mountain lion will soon move from Roger and Cindy Adamson’s garage to a ledge overlooking the front foyer.

No need to panic and call Animal Control. The cat in question no longer roams the countryside, though she has traveled far and wide before settling in Roger and Cindy Adamson’s garage. This magnificent stuffed wildcat once graced the prestigious halls of Wyoming’s State Capitol before moving with the family to Iowa, Virginia, Wisconsin and back to Iowa again.

“Her name is Jasper,” states 8-year-old Brock as he zips around the garage on his scooter.

While not everyone fully appreciates the lure of hunting, it’s part of Roger’s DNA. Born in Wyoming and raised by a father employed as a hunting guide, Roger’s passion for hunting and fishing flourished.

“We lived off wild game — elk, deer and antelope. I don’t think we bought meat until I was 12 years old,” Roger says.

Fresh out of high school, Roger shot his first mountain lion, 115-pound Jasper, with a 22 rifle. He, his father and seven dogs tracked the mountain lion to a tree.

“We watched her for about 30 minutes and took pictures. It was exciting, a real rush,” he says.

It’s not too surprising Roger chose the same career path as his father. Working as a guide from 1982 – 2000, Roger led 7- to 10-day expeditions in Wyoming and Colorado, helping hunters fulfill their wildest dreams of tracking antelope, elk, deer and mountain lions.

“I learned everything about hunting and guiding from my dad,” Roger says. “I’ve shot big horn sheep, moose, black bear, elk, antelope and two mountain lions. I haven’t hunted there for six years, but I’m planning a trip back next summer. I miss it.”

Brock continues zigzagging around the garage and states with a grin, “Pretty soon report cards are coming out, and if everything looks good, Dad’s taking me pheasant hunting,” he says.

Roger and Brock fish at Big Creek and a nearby pond. Iowa may not be every big game hunter’s paradise, but it’s a perfect place for a father to teach his son how to cast a line, safely use a firearm and love the land.

What’s more impressive than capturing a prized wildcat? A wife agreeing that one more move is in Jasper’s near future and a son following his father’s lead. Jasper’s next resting place? The ledge overlooking the home’s front foyer.

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