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Q: What are the main risk factors that cause falls?

Posted November 06, 2013 in Advice Column, Clear Lake

A: Dorothy Baker, RN, PhD, developed the “Tower of Risk Blocks” to help give a better understanding of the main risk factors of falling.

Block 1: Balance. If we don’t have good balance then that affects our mobility.

Block 2: Mobility. If we aren’t standing straight and moving correctly, pain can develop. To relieve pain, we take medications.

Block 3: Medications. Taking multiple medications can have adverse effects such as low blood pressure.

Block 4: Low blood pressure. This occurs when we quickly go from lying or sitting to a standing position. A drop in blood pressure can interfere with balance, coordination, and vision.

Block 5: Sensory deficits. Sensory deficits such as the ears, eyes, or feeling in the feet, make it difficult for us to sense the position of the body in the relation to the environment.

Block 6: Homes hazards. Simple things like a throw rug can now be hazardous.

For more information on preventing falls, come to “In an Oakwood Hour,” Tuesday, Nov. 19, at noon, for a free lunch and a presentation by Laura Schissel, Fall Risk Coordinator. Reservations are necessary. RSVP to Michelle Anderson at 641-357-5244 or email manderson@abcmcorp.com.
* Source: Philips Lifeline

Information provided by Michelle Anderson, marketing coordinator, Oakwood Care Center, 400 Highway 18 West, Clear Lake, 641-357-5244.

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