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Q: What are the benefits of eating breakfast? How can I make a quick, balanced breakfast on the go?

Posted November 06, 2013 in Advice Column, Johnston

A: The term “breakfast” literally means breaking the fast of the night before. A study performed by the NPD group in 2011 reported 31 million Americans skip this important meal every morning, with the highest percentage being males ages 18 to 34. Eating breakfast has shown to improve brain function, attention span, concentration and memory. It has also been reported to prevent overeating later on in the day and making more healthful food choices throughout the day.

A balanced breakfast should contain carbohydrate and protein sources in order to keep your energy and blood sugar in check. Carbohydrate choices may include fruit and grains while examples of proteins include eggs, meat and peanut butter or other nut butters. Some dairy contains both carbohydrates and protein. On the go options include a peanut butter sandwich with a banana, yogurt parfait with fruit and cereal, hard-boiled egg and toast or simply cut fruit on unsweetened cereal with milk. Explore various combinations. Breakfast doesn’t have to be complicated or gourmet.

Information provided by Missy Anker, Registered Dietitian, Hy-Vee, 5750 Merle Hay Road, Johnston, 270-9045.

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