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Meet Steve Scarrow

Posted November 06, 2013 in Community Featured, Clear Lake

In some ways, it’s a dream assignment — coming back to where one started as a child.

In some ways, it’s the hardest thing one could do in life — going back to where it all began.

Either way, just about all veteran teachers say the first year out is the toughest. Steve Scarrow isn’t sure about that, but he does enjoy coming back to his old elementary school to take his place at the head of the class.

Steve Scarrow is in his first year teaching in Clear Lake.

Steve Scarrow is in his first year teaching in Clear Lake.

“I really like being back in Clear Lake,” says Scarrow. “I had a great experience growing up here, and I hope I can be a positive influence for a lot of kids.”

Scarrow, a 2009 graduate of Clear Lake High School, earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, along with endorsements in Reading and Science, at Coe College in Cedar Rapids. He’s now back in Clear Lake, joining the faculty at Clear Creek as kindergarten teacher.

To many of his fellow teachers, he’s already a familiar face, and once a student in several of their classes. They were good role models back then, and great teachers to begin his professional career with now.

“They taught me to always be positive, and that’s one thing I try to teach, to stay positive with the kids,” he explains.

Fortunately, that’s not hard to do when surrounded by the smiling faces of kindergartners. The opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children is why he chose teaching. Having fun is just one of the perks.

“The kids are just fun to be around,” he says of his career choice.

As for the kindergarten age group, he loves the fact that everything is new.

“The kids are so willing to learn,” he says. “They’re excited about learning, and they have a positive attitude. They pick up on things so quickly.”

Scarrow will also have plenty of opportunity to work with kids in some of the upper grades. He’s looking forward to coaching assignments as the year progresses, and plans to work as assistant high school girls track coach, and co-coach for middle school wrestling.

Coaching also provides a more casual interaction with students, and one that Scarrow recalls from his own days out for wrestling, football and track.

“I just enjoy being back in Clear Lake and giving back to the community,” he concludes.

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