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Meet Holly Motsch

Posted November 06, 2013 in Community Featured, Perry
Holly Motsch is the new art teacher at Perry Middle School.

Holly Motsch is the new art teacher at Perry Middle School.

Even when unrecognized, art has a way of seeping into nearly all facets of our every day lives. From the music that compels us to drum the steering wheel while commuting to and from our daily destinations, to the beautifully cultivated gardens we glance out the window as we pass, even the billboards designed to catch our attention just long enough to be remembered, all have art in their core.

“Art is so broad. Art is everywhere,”  says Perry Middle School’s new art teacher Holly Motsch. “I look forward to seeing down the road which students learn to apply art to their own lives.”

After being a long-term substitute teacher with Des Moines Christian School, Motsch is now beginning her first year with the Perry school system, taking the place of Ms. Belgarde due to her transfer to the high school. She manages a vibrant classroom perfectly conducive for stimulating the student’s creativity. Motsch is just beginning to embrace settling into her own room and looks forward to adding her personal touches to stimulate outside-of-the box thinking.

Motsch likes to use the kids’ life experiences to draw their attention and adapts the projects to each individual personality, asking them not to be afraid to experiment in areas otherwise left unexplored save for in art education.

“When I was in high school, I loved art but wasn’t that great at it,” Motch says. “I was not a natural born artist, and it took a lot of practice.”

As her talents developed, so did her confidence, and she was left with a feeling of joy and satisfaction and a valuable ability to relate to those students who may struggle, not just in art, but in embracing the value of hard work.  During the time in her room, students don’t get to merely sit down and zone out on mindless projects free of the expectation of learning.

“I can teach them skills and tools that they can use outside of school,” Motsch says. “I love to see what kids are capable of and enjoy presenting them with a challenge and presenting new ideas and different mediums they may not know of.”

Motsch isinspired by her faith and the sparks of excitement in the eyes of her students. She truly embodies the words of Mark Van Doren, “The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.”

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