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Cadillac nut

Posted November 06, 2013 in Community Featured, Johnston
Doug Sassman and his son, Grant, with their drag-racing limo.

Doug Sassman and his son, Grant, with their drag-racing limo.

It’s not uncommon to be proud of one’s ride. It’s one of the biggest expenses a person takes on in his or her lifetime, and it’s a game changer when it comes to mobile freedom. It’s also a great way to introduce oneself to any scene. But for Doug Sassman and his 1991 Cadillac Brougham limousine, sometimes it takes a little more creativity to command attention.

“I’ve always been a real Cadillac nut, and we use this now and again to go to Dairy Queen or go to the drive-in movies,” says Sassman. “And that’s always fun.”

However, a few years back Sassman wasn’t greeted with smiles and fun when he pulled into Porky’s Diner and met the cop who wasn’t impressed with his limo.

“Years ago, when Porky’s was still over there in Beaverdale, we pulled in there on a not-real-busy night, and the cop guarding the driveway said, ‘You can’t bring that in here.’ ”

Not one to just to have his toys ignored, Sassman was quick to his ride’s defense.

“You know, I’ve got six kids in here; two TVs in the back. What’s not cool about this? There’s empty spots,’ ” Sassman said. “ ‘Get it out; you can pull through but get it out,’ said the cop, which just ticked me off. I figured, ‘So what, he’s not a Cadillac guy. We’ll fix him.’ ”

Sassman returned home determined to get his ride on Porky’s lot the next time he returned.

“So I went back to my Frankenstein’s laboratory (one of his garages) and got a big monster hood scoop and put magnets on it, headers that come out from under, a wheelie bar, a drag wing and a parachute” Sassman says. “Also some magnetic stickers up and down both sides. It really does look like a drag-racing limousine.”

The next week Sassman wheeled into Porky’s and sure enough, the same cop was there guarding the entrance. Understandably proud of his creation, Sassman drove right up to the cop and looked him dead in the eye, ensuring he would be remembered from the week before.

“We go wheeling it in there the next week, and it’s the same cop guarding the entrance, and he just looks at me and is like, ‘Alright, come on.’ I guess the limo wasn’t old enough or sporty enough for that cop, but once we put all that junk on here he couldn’t say no,” Sassman says.

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