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Fulbright Association of Iowa to Support Appearance of Author and Fulbright Scholar Emily Rapp

Posted November 05, 2013 in Downtown, Community Web Exclusives

The Fulbright Association Iowa Chapter has announced that it will help sponsor the appearance of author and Fulbright Scholar Emily Rapp during the 2013 Wonder of Words Festival.

Emily Rapp is the author of Poster Child, and the recently released best-seller The Still Point of the Turning World. Born with a congenital defect, her left leg was amputated at age 4, and she has worn a prosthetic limb ever since. Emily is a Fulbright Scholar, was educated at Harvard University, and has written for The Atlantic Monthly, The Los Angeles Times, and among others.

“We believe this is a great way to support not only a growing cultural festival in Des Moines, but also to highlight the involvement of a well-known Fulbright alum,” says Iowa Chapter President Alexandra Johnston.

Rapp will appear during an event called WOW Voices at 1 p.m. on Saturday, November 9 at the Central Library in downtown Des Moines. The WOW Voices event is part of the larger Wonder of Words Festival, a series of events celebrating the written and spoken word that will take place in and around downtown Des Moines from Nov. 2 -12. A complete list of events and information about featured authors is online at

About the Fulbright Association

The Fulbright Association was established in 1977 as an independent, private, nonprofit organization for Fulbright Program alumni and friends of international education.  The Fulbright Program is the U.S. Department of State’s flagship international exchange program that awards about 2800 grants annually to U.S. citizens to study and research in over 155 countries, and brings scholars and students from those countries to study in U.S. institutions.

The Fulbright Association’s mission is to encourage citizen diplomacy, educate members of Congress and the public about the benefits of advancing mutual understanding between the people of the United States and those of other countries, and to welcome and exchange ideas with Fulbright grantees in the United States from abroad.

The Fulbright Association has over 10,000 individual members and 180 institutional members, including colleges, universities, and international educational organizations throughout the U.S.  There are 60 regional chapters that have been organized by Fulbright Association members in 37 states and metro areas. The FA benefits from institutional and grant-based support from the U.S. Department of State and has the support of Fulbright Commissions from around the world.

The Iowa Chapter of the Fulbright Association was organized in 2009 to:

•                  Engage Fulbright alumni by offering opportunities to network with over 300 U.S. Fulbright alumni across Iowa, as well as to mentor the 60+ international Fulbright grantees placed in Iowa universities annually

•                  Create enrichment opportunities for visiting Fulbright grantees in the state of Iowa, through interactive conferences, forums, events, and tours;

•                  Advocate for Fulbright Program funding by visiting Iowa’s members of Congress.

Since 2009, The Iowa Chapter has held over 50 events drawing together over 1000 total Fulbright alumni, grantees and guests from around the state of Iowa for networking and international exchange.  Membership information and a Fulbright Iowa events calendar can be found at

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