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Three-wheel therapy

Posted October 23, 2013 in Altoona, Community Featured
Dave and Diane Tingle see many more miles on their Honda Gold Wing 1800 Roadsmith Trike in the future.

Dave and Diane Tingle see many more miles on their Honda Gold Wing 1800 Roadsmith Trike in the future.

Between camping trips and jaunts around town to work commutes and long hauls out-of-state, Dave and Diane Tingle have put some miles on their Honda Gold Wing 1800 Roadsmith Trike. They’ve had the motorcycle since 2008 and turned it into a trike in 2012.

“I used to call it my two-wheel therapy,” says Dave. “Now, it’s my three-wheel therapy.”

The two have been riding for years. Dave has been riding motorcycles since he was 14. The couple has been riding together since 1974, when Dave got Diane into it. They were married in 1975, and in the past have owned a Harley and several Kawasakis.

Diane made the case for a Gold Wing after the couple took a trip to South Dakota that was some 670 miles on their Kawasaki. The seat and back rest weren’t very comfortable, she remembers. It didn’t help that it was hot and windy.

“So to keep my wife riding with me, I got the Gold Wing,” says Dave of the touring motorcycle, made for long-distance travel.

But it was a purchase that took convincing on his part, as he’d grown up riding Harleys. There were also some things he had to adjust to, including the Gold Wing being bigger and heavier.

Initially, the switch from their Kawasaki to the Honda meant Dave had to sacrifice some of his comfort. But turning it into a three-wheeler expands your options for making it a more cushy ride, Dave says. Now, they’re both content.

Some of their favorite features include an AM/FM satellite radio, an intercom system that enables the couple to talk to each other, a CB radio, cruise control, a reverse gear and a variety of lights.

Putting on a bevy of lights is just one way Gold Wing riders like to dress up their bikes, Diane says. Some like to add chrome or have impressive paint jobs.

“This hobby is very expensive,” Diane says. “But we love it — absolutely love it.”

The couple plans to hold onto this bike. In fact, Dave says, this may be their last motorcycle.

They know riders in their 80s and 90s. It’s a future out on the open road that they see for themselves, too.

“That’s how we’re gonna do it,” Dave says.

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