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Meet Stephanie Farmer

Posted October 16, 2013 in Community Featured, Windsor Heights

Once upon a time, for some of us, life was chock full of magnetic cars and cubbies filled with toy farm animals. The walls were plastered with primary colored hearts, circles and squares. Birthdays were marked vividly on a huge calendar full of balloons and birthday cakes.

Stephanie Farmer is a teacher at Clive Elementary’s Tiger Cubs Preschool.

Stephanie Farmer is a teacher at Clive Elementary’s Tiger Cubs Preschool.

Remember the size of those little chairs that scoot up to a little table? The dollhouse size is too cute for words, but it makes each preschooler feel more responsible than any other time in their entire life of three or four years.

Those were the days.

For Clive Elementary’s Tiger Cubs preschoolers, those days are right now. Their first taste of school is here. Their first few play dates form here. Their first impressions of a teacher are born here.

Stephanie Farmer has been reading to these little gems for four years now. She loves their enthusiasm to learn, their eagerness to pay attention and the energy they possess for everything.

“I like that I get to see most of my students in kindergarten, too,” says Stephanie. “It’s fun to watch them grow.”

In preschool, her focus is for her students to make friends and to play nice. A second focus is an introduction to math through counting, number identification, sorting and patterns. Literacy and language are another new concept for most preschoolers. They identify letters, learn how to write their own name and learn letter sounds.

“One of my favorite things to teach is letters and name writing,” Farmer says. “It’s awesome to watch them as they finally recognize their own name around the room.”

Other favorite parts of her job are the people she works with on a daily basis. She brags that her associates are amazing. She also enjoys all her families she gets to know each year.

As fall presents itself, the class knows the Iowa Orchard field trip is here. The kids get to tour the orchard, taste apple cider and take a hay ride.

It really is the little things in life — small samples of apple cider, sinks perfectly fit for preschoolers and big names on birthday calendars. The size of preschool is a wonderfully exciting time of life.

Farmer, who is from Pomeray, enjoys reading, golfing and spending time with friends.

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