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A reminder to our patrons of the Grimes Public Library

Posted October 16, 2013 in Community Blogs, Grimes

Next Wednesday and Thursday (October 23 & 24) our hours will be different as we are providing the  means for as much of our staff as possible to participate in training for our new software. The ‘go live’ date for our new software is November 14.  At that time, the software may be down for a few days during the transition (we will be open, just not available online.)

While we always hope for a smooth transition, we have been warned that some of our data will not transfer due to the old proprietary software we had before.  We are installing the same software that Johnston will be using, Clive already uses it, Ankeny has it, Perry and Winterset have been using it for quite some time.  This will bring the Grimes Public Library into the modern world!!!

The new software will provide more capabilities to our patrons, staff, and online viewers. I can guarantee you will love the new ‘card catalog’.  Instead of having to have the exact words of a title, it will do a smart search and give you a range instead of ONE item at a time.  More like an search.  That is just one of the advantages!  There are many more.

Please be patient with us until we get through the rough spots. We will do all we can to make it a seamless endeavor for our patrons.

Upcoming Hours (only)
Wednesday, October 24 – Closed all day
Thursday, October 25 – Open up at 5:00pm
Friday, back to normal hours.

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