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8th VB Results from 10/14/13

Posted October 15, 2013 in Community Web Exclusives, Greene County

The eighth grade girls’ volleyball team ended their season on a good note winning at Nevada.  The A team won two out of three and the C team won both games.

Game scores:

A:  17-21, 21-15, 21-17

B:  6-21, 18-21

C:  21-17, 21-5

Overall game records:

A:  6-15

B:  1-17

C:  9-9

D:  3-5

Overall match records:

A:  2-6-1

B:  0-8-1

C:  2-2-5

D:  1-2-1

Top servers:

Brittany Ratliff 18/18 for 100% with 8 aces

Kaitlyn McColley 7/7 for 100%

Ashley Millard 21/24 for 88% with 5 aces

Lauren Carlson 6/7 for 86% with 1 ace

Laurin Lyons 11/13 for 85% with 7 aces

Sydney Schiltz 5/6 for 83%

Abbie Sparks 4/5 for 80% with 1 ace

As a team, we served 87/118 for 74% with 27 aces.

“Brittany Ratliff led us off on serving with 18 for 18.  During one game, she served 15 straight serves.”

“Our four top setters worked hard to keep our offense running smoothly. Lauren Carlson, Chantel Flack,  Samantha Hardaway, and Laurin Lyons were key in running our 6-2 offense.”

“This entire team was made up of athletes who worked hard in practice and in games.  They encouraged each other both on and off the court.”

This was the last match of our season.  Thank you for covering our eighth grade girls’ volleyball team.

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