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Scoring memories

Posted October 09, 2013 in Community Featured, Clive
This rescued scoreboard in the Andreae garage records all kinds of obscure statistics.

This rescued scoreboard in the Andreae garage records all kinds of obscure statistics.

After nearly five decades, thousands of basketball games and even more players, it was time for the scoreboard to come down. Originally a varsity scoreboard from Dowling Catholic High School, it had been replaced during the years and was last keeping score for underclassman games. But even though it may be old, it’s still in perfect working order — save for a few light bulbs.

“My husband got it back in 2006, as he put it, ‘To save it from the scrap heap,’ ” recalls Mary Andreae. “I’m pretty sure he just wanted it as soon as he heard the school was getting rid of it.”

Things moved pretty quickly once Andreae’s husband picked up the scoreboard. Initially the panel was placed in the basement, but that didn’t last long as Andreae convinced her husband it would be seen more coming in from the garage. After that, the scoreboard was hung up, a relative came over to help with a little electrical work and bada-bing-bada-boom, the scoreboard was game ready.

“Our kids used it a little when they were younger, and my husband’s always changing the time and score to some obscure reference only two people understand,” Andreae says. “It’s neat, but I still don’t really know why we have it.”

The current read out of “20:13, 19 v 75” represents the year this article will be published (2013) and the year Andreae’s husband graduated high school (1975). Other times it might be the score of a NFL game especially if the Packers (Andreae’s house team) are victorious that week.

In the past few years the scoreboard hasn’t seen much use, but it remains one of the first things guest see when coming over to the Andreae household. And while the buzzer remains silent now, at any moment it can be plugged in to keep score for a rousing game of 21. Down the road, who’s to say who will wind up with it?

“Our kids haven’t made any claim to this thing,” says Andreae. “If they don’t want it, my guess is this will just be a nice surprise to the next homeowner.”

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