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Rags to riches

Posted October 09, 2013 in Community Featured, Des Moines West
This little kitten had the good fortune to find kindess when he took shelter from a thunderstorm in the Yamen family’s garage.

This little kitten had the good fortune to find kindess when he took shelter from a thunderstorm in the Yamen family’s garage.

The unknown kitten quavered in the chilly fall air. Rain stormed down all around him. His fine feline fur was matted and sopping wet. The unyielding wind seemed to whip right through his shivering soul. He was slightly wounded, forlorn and forsaken.

The cold is much more bitter when we’re wet, and misery is more magnified when we’re alone.

This was the unfortunate condition that Kala Yamen’s husband, Job, found the poor cat — a yellowish kitten with golden swirls — during one of this fall’s rare thunderstorms on Sept. 19.

The smallish-for-his-age 5-month-old feline had hunkered down in the shelter of Yamen’s detached garage.

“I was making dinner, and I look over, and (my husband) was holding books in one arm and a cat in the other,” she says.

The little feline fighter was soaked and literally starving.

“We fed him right away,”  says Yamen. “The bathroom was his hotel for the night.”

And those deluxe accommodations helped the kitty get warm, well-fed and more. But the little fellow’s dire condition pulled on Yamen’s heartstrings — she is a lifelong cat lover. She took the kitten to the vet. There she was informed that he wouldn’t have made it two or three more days.

“The fleas were jumping off him,” Yamen says while shaking her head. “He was purring the whole time (which is) very unusual for a cat (in that condition). He’s just super sweet and grateful.”

She explained that he had a wound, likely from an animal attack, on his backside and several other medical conditions. But through the kindness of these cat-loving strangers, all of that has changed.

The fleas are gone, and the little guy with a heart of a champion is on the mend and doing famously.

“He eats likes a pig,” says Yamen, laughing. “If he doesn’t slow down, he’s going to get fat.”

Yamen has put out the “lost cat” bulletins in all the usual places. If the owners don’t turn up, she’s found a nice young family with two playful girls to adopt the rescued cat. She’s letting them pick his new name.

“There’s something special about him,” says Yamen with a buoyant smile.  “He’s a tough little guy who’s dealt with enormous adversity. He’s not scared of Buzz Lightyear (even) in the hands of (my) 5-year-old boy.”

The pets in Yamen’s life have a history of long living.  She once had a cat live to be 20 years of age.

This little whippersnapper might not have till “infinity and beyond,” but thanks to this caring bunch of people, at least he’s dry, fed and basking in the warm glow of adoring affection.

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