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Q: I don’t have the time to exercise or eat right. Do you recommend any supplements?

Posted October 09, 2013 in Advice Column, Des Moines West

A: Unfortunately, and as tempting as it is, health is never coming in a pill, no matter how wonderful it is. You just can’t take a pill, live an unhealthy lifestyle, and ever create health. I wish it weren’t so, but there just are no quick fixes. There are, however, lots of little things, in the course of time, which will begin to move you out of the 95 percent of us who are making choices that lead to disease.

First it starts with deciding health is a priority. If you decided you wanted to be a tri-athlete, for example, you’d focus on all the things to get you there, right? Start with small things and, eventually, you’ll have more habits of health than habits of disease. For starters, sleep is paramount. Do whatever you can, even seek professional help if necessary, to get seven to eight hours of quality sleep. It affects everything else in your life. Eat small, frequent meals, stand and walk while on the phone, make half your plate fruits and vegetables, eat lean protein, find others who are making health a priority and spend just 15 minutes a day sitting in stillness. Just these few small steps will begin to change your energy and create some balance in your life. The good news: you have a choice. And remember: not choosing is also a choice.

Information from, provided by Dr. Cheryl Child, D.O., Certified Health Coach with Take Shape for Life.

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