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Q: I am 44 and starting to have problems seeing fine print. What is the cause?

Posted October 09, 2013 in Advice Column, Norwalk

A: One of the most likely reasons is a condition called presbyopia. What happens is the lens of the eye loses its flexibility, making it difficult to focus clearly on near objects. The natural process happens slowly over many years, but usually does not become noticeable until a person reaches his or her early to mid-40s. Other symptoms may include a tendency to hold printed material farther away and eye fatigue with close work.

To compensate for presbyopia, your optometrist may prescribe reading glasses, multifocal lenses, or contact lenses. Because the effects of presbyopia continue to change the eye’s ability to focus properly, periodic changes in prescription will most likely be needed to maintain clear and comfortable vision.

Answer provided by Dr. Michael O’Meara at Optometric Association of Warren County, P.C., 1228 Sunset Drive, Suite A, Norwalk, 981-0224.

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