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Karla’s Korner

Posted October 09, 2013 in Community Blogs, Grimes

Dear Readers,

I apologize for not getting more updated information available in our Grimes Public Library Blog! There is a reason (as always.)

The Board and Library Staff have been working diligently for the past 5 years to plan for additional library space for our users needs.  This takes time (and money) and much cooperation between the Library Board, the Staff, the City Council and most of all, our Patrons.  While progress is usually a hurry up and wait scenario, we have some good news and some bad news.

The bad news is certainly palatable and makes much sense.  That news is… no additional space for the moment.

However, we are getting a facelift!  The library is now 19 years old and when a building is 19 years old, things happen.

We need new carpeting, our staff space is highly inefficient and crowded.  Our security system/fire alarm system is not even built any longer, the building has not been painted inside ever.  Due to rearranging and space adjustments in the past, we are kind of nipped and tucked all over!  Not to mention the wood siding has rotted in many places and needs to be replaced before it causes damage to the interior of the walls.

So the good news is…in order to pull our needs together both inside and outside, we hired a consultant and designer who worked together and came up with a dynamite plan that will give our patrons more seating and study space, provide better organization and consistency for all materials, and a work space that will get us through the next 5 years or so.  The plan is shown at the bottom of the page.  This is being explored for cost and need and our facelift should happen soon.

The library is also updating it’s ILS  (Integrated Library System), which would be better described as the ‘circulation system’.  The system we are currently using is primarily designed to meet a school libraries needs, not a public library.  We have used it for the past 18 years, however, it is time to update to a public library system.  The new system will meet the needs of the library for the future by having more capabilities to provide easier access to our online databases through our ‘catalog’ system, make communication much easier, allow you to pay fines online… or donate money to the library… We will be able to text, email, call or mail communications, it can be the patrons choice.  You can design your account to keep track of titles (this is your choice) you have checked out from the library,

I mentioned that our remodel will get us through the next five years or so…  Our City Council understands the need for additional library space and is very sympathetic towards our patrons needs. Our community is expanding at an alarming rate and trying to plan for future, be fiscally responsible, and making plans that will serve the City well into the future is something not lightly done.  Ideas are always being explored and studied for space and cost for all city departments, and when it is the right time to expand, when expansion will not cause hardship on our City, then I think that good things will happen. That is about all I know of that situation, other than the library’s needs are being addressed, we have the space needs assessment done, and it depends on what is more fiscally responsible…adding on to the present library or a possible combination City Complex where all services are under one roof.

3 GPL - Furniture Plan

We are asking that you will be patient with us.  There will be many bumps in the road.  We need to be closed for a bit in order to train as many staff members as we can on the new circulation system.  Also, we are moving from a simple school program that is very proprietorial, and some of our information will have to be ‘rebuilt’ into the new system.  One nice thing, this program will take us well into the public library future, no doubt and this move will not have to happen again.  Once all is said and done, I guarantee you will love the new system and the ‘new’ library updo!

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