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The perfect place

Posted October 02, 2013 in Community Featured, Johnston
With a few small changes, Micah Knutzen’s Johnston home suits his lifestyle perfectly.

With a few small changes, Micah Knutzen’s Johnston home suits his lifestyle perfectly.

Looking to buy his first home in 2010, Micah Knutzen almost sealed the deal on a different home before finding the perfect place.

“I was originally looking at a place that required a lot of work but then found this house,” he says.

With the added bonus of a full bar and a 100-foot drop down movie screen in the finished basement, Knutzen was ready to buy.

“I love to watch movies and socialize, so the basement really accents that part of my personality,” he says.

Once he bought the home tucked into a beautiful, family-friendly area of Johnston, he got to work making things his own. For decor, he’s hung abstract art on the walls and plants are dotted thoughtfully around the house. There are also some family pieces added to the space.

“My dining room furniture was given to me by my aunt, which consists of solid oak tables, chairs and china cabinet,” he says.

Knutzen often hosts friends and family for get-togethers, barbecues and holidays, which made one more change an obvious choice for him.

“The original owners had a book shelf next to the bar,” he says. “I turned the book shelves into an 80-bottle wine rack that I have a hard time keeping stocked.”

photo 1With all sorts of backyard barbecues, the sizable backyard was tweaked just a bit to fit his needs as well.

“I’ve removed the rose bushes that always snag me while I mow (and) replaced them with some ornamental grass,” he says. “Then, we resized the garden to be a little smaller so I could manage it more easily and did nice landscaping.”

Now that he has a perfect home to call his own, Knutzen has put the brakes on making changes for the time being. However, he says he would still like to add more artwork and possibly put a bathroom in the basement one day. In addition, he says he would like to remodel the master bedroom.

With a busy life filled with work, friends and the occasional golf outing, Knutzen is happy with his home in Johnston and looks forward to continuing to add and change things as the years pass.

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