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Q: What can you tell me about Repetitive Strain Injury?

Posted October 02, 2013 in Adel, Advice Column

A: RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) should be a concern for anyone who performs prolonged repetitive, forceful or awkward hand movements. These movements can damage the nerves, tendons and muscles of the hands, forearms, shoulders and neck. Pain may very well be a result of these repetitive movements, along with weakness, numbness and/or compromised motor control, which can lead to the loss of ability to perform daily tasks.

An interesting note regarding RSI is that people primarily at risk include those with poor posture or poor technique, as well as work that require repetitive motions. These concerns may seem inconsequential to a worker as they only move a mouse over a pad or continuously type at a keyboard; however, these repetitive motions may lead to potentially severe consequences.

When the symptoms of RSI arise, it is best to have posture, technique and work habits assessed by a licensed physical therapist.

Information provided by Mike Burggraaf, PT, DPT, LAT, Core Physical Therapy Inc., 516 Nile Kinnick Drive S., Suite B, Adel, 993-5599.

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