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Meet Kim Timmerman

Posted October 02, 2013 in Adel, Community Featured
Kim Timmerman is the principal at ADM Middle School.

Kim Timmerman is the principal at ADM Middle School.

Kim Timmerman was raised in Audubon. Growing up, she always loved school and knew that one day she would become part of a leadership team at a school. She attended Simpson College for her undergraduate degree, Drake University to earn her master’s in school counseling and Viterbo University for a master’s in school administration.

Before coming to ADM, Timmerman taught English and speech in Villisca and was a guidance counselor at Lincoln High School in Des Moines. She is now the principal of ADM Middle School and has been working in the ADM Schools for 11 years.

Part of what makes Timmerman’s job so fun is that “every single day is different.”

“We work really hard on developing positive relationships with each student, so that is my daily goal,” she says. She is in the hallways between classes and on lunch duty daily, interacting with students. Her enthusiasm stems from her love for middle school students.

“Sometimes I think that I must be stuck in my own middle school years because I enjoy their humor,” she says.

Timmerman enjoys the challenge of coming up with new ideas. She also works closely with the teachers as they try to find the best way to educate their students, to measure what has been learned and to identify areas that may need to be improved upon. Timmerman believes that good school system collaboration is the key to success and feels that the ADM school district has accomplished this.

Last year Timmerman helped facilitate a “Choose Kind” Day. All students and staff read the book “Wonder,” and practiced kindness for an entire day. Additionally, she is proud of her involvement in the Silent Sustained Reading program.

“We no longer have to worry about any student going home at night and not having read that day,” she says.

Timmerman says ADM provides a quality education by challenging the students, by providing a time to read every day, by having strong extracurriculars with wide participation, and by creating a safe, friendly environment for students. With these key things in play, Timmerman is confident that the students of ADM are being taught to think and grow to be productive citizens for the future.

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