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Incredible joy

Posted October 02, 2013 in Community Featured, Urbandale
Meredith and Randy Wilharber found a family-friendly neighborhood in Urbandale.

Meredith and Randy Wilharber found a family-friendly neighborhood in Urbandale.

When Randy and Meredith Wilharber were looking for a house to call their own in 2008, shopping in the Urbandale area was a no brainer.

“It’s family oriented, provides endless opportunities for involvement, promotes an active lifestyle and is well positioned for future growth and expansion,” says Meredith.

Once they found the 2006 built home in a quaint Urbandale neighborhood, the Wilharbers knew it was what they wanted.

“The open floor plan was welcoming and ideal for entertaining,” says Meredith. “We also thought the space was large enough for a growing family.”

Now, with a little one added to the family, the Wilharbers are really starting to find out all the ways their home is a great place for children.

“Our neighbors are friendly, and most have children,” she says. “Walnut Hills elementary school is a short walk from our home, and the kids are able to use a dedicated path to walk to school.”

In addition to immersing themselves in the neighborhood, the family has made their home their own with personal touches and some do-it-yourself projects.

“We had the home completely re-painted, finished a portion of the basement, added outdoor landscaping and created the backyard patio,” Meredith says. “The basement was a complete DIY project Randy undertook with a lot of assistance from terrific friends and (my) dad, Russ.”

The basement is just one area of the home that really fits the family.

“We believe all areas of the home really suit us,” Meredith says. “The colors and Hawkeye basement aren’t for everyone, but they really express the fun nature and cheerful side of our personalities.”

Personality is put into the home in more way than one.

“We like to think we are cheerful, inviting and good-natured,” Meredith says. “The home is decorated with light colors and designed with modern, yet functional pieces to promote a relaxed and laid back feeling for our guests.”

Even though the kitchen and pantry are favorite parts of the home for Meredith and Randy, there is one area that truly lights up their lives.

“For us, our son’s room is the most important and exciting,” Meredith says. “He is a circus act and brings incredible joy to our home.”

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