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A brother’s memory

Posted October 02, 2013 in Adel, Community Featured
Jerry Spargur rebuilt his brother’s 1979 SLR motorcycle and rides it now.

Jerry Spargur rebuilt his brother’s 1979 SLR motorcycle and rides it now.

Jerry Spargur and his brother, Ron, grew up in Creston and shared a love of motorcycles from an early age. Jerry, who owns a construction company, considers motorcycles his true passion and attributes that love to his brother.

“I grew up a biker kid,” Jerry says. “I think Ronnie rode since he could walk, and I was always on the back of his bike.”

In 1990, however, Ronnie crashed his motorcycle outside of Cromwell and passed away. His motorcycle was taken by an insurance company, and Jerry was left wondering what happened to his brother’s bike.

Two years ago, Jerry finally tracked down the motorcycle in Wisconsin. He brought up the idea of purchasing it to his relatives, who he was concerned wouldn’t approve of him bringing the bike back into the family. However, their reaction was positive, and he purchased it. The bike was still in bad shape from his brother’s accident, so Jerry began the long process of repairing and rebuilding it in his garage.

Jerry used many custom parts to rebuild the bike, though he tried to use as many original parts as possible. He replaced the pistons and cylinder heads in the engine, straightened the metal of the frame, built a new seat, made custom handlebars and repainted it. All told, the process took about a year to complete.

Though he’s proud of his work, Jerry says he has no plans to show his bike or make any further restorations to it.

“All I do is ride it, just like Ronnie did,” Jerry says. “Bikes are made for riding, not showing.”

Jerry also owns another one of his brother’s bikes, though he says that the 1979 model was important for him to find. It helps him keep his brother’s memory alive every time he rides.

“He was a character. He had no fear of anything in life. But he still lives on right here,” Jerry says of the bike. “It means the world to me.  It’s a part of him. When I start it up and ride, I feel like he’s riding with me.”

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