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Urgency requires action

Posted September 25, 2013 in Altoona, Advice Column, Pleasant Hill

Which word do you like least, urgency or action? Urgency suggests a pressing importance. One cannot have urgency without action involved. Take an area of your life and identify it as requiring action. Why isn’t it being taken care of yet? The answer will be, “there is no urgency yet.”

I’ll never forget the man I knew in Florida who saved close to $1.5 million and was ready to retire. He always said, “I’ll do that during retirement, right now I must work.” He hit 58, got the lake house and boat to go with it. One day, a few months after living his dream, he noticed he was a bit off balance when he walked. A quick visit to the doctor revealed a softball size tumor on his brain. With today’s technology, surely they’ll just remove it, he thought. I mean, I have to tend to my boat, my grandkids and my new life. A couple of surgeries, a few hard lessons and nine months later, my friend was gone.

Urgency got him to the doctor. But it was too late. What do you know you need to get done (action), but yet continue to procrastinate?

Taking back control of your life by putting action to your choices is essential. It will help you to feel better about yourself and may even help you to relieve some of the symptoms that have been troubling to you. Think about what you really want in life and decide to get it. Make a list of things that keep you from doing those things. Find out what motivates you. What is your “why”?

Are there things in your past keeping you from doing the things you wanting to do? Make a list of how you might resolve your problem. Figure out why you are not the person you wanted to be. As you do this, remind yourself that you are an intelligent person. You can resolve these problems slowly or quickly. You can take small steps or big steps — whatever feels right and is possible for you. But you must do it if you want to take back control of your life.

You’ll find that in the process of taking control of your own life, you may need to change the nature of your relationship with some of the people in your life. Ask those around you to respect your rights to make changes. You decide your new priorities. Be responsible for your behavior, actions, feelings and problems. You chose to move forward with a sense of urgency and action. Your newfound energy and urgency might make your friends feel uncomfortable. It is OK. Change and action do that to people close by. But there will be people who celebrate the new you.

As you move forward, plan your action steps, then discipline yourself to make it happen.

Information provided by David Charleston, owner of The Orange Planet Athletic Club in Pleasant Hill.

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