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Household hazardous waste

Posted September 25, 2013 in Advice Column, Boone

The Boone County Landfill has partnered with Metro Waste Authority in Des Moines to provide an extensive program for hazardous waste. Metro Waste Authority operates a Regional Collection Center (RCC) in Bondurant.

There are three different options available to residents seeking to properly dispose of the household hazardous waste (oil- and lead-based paints, oils, pesticides and solvents). They include:

•    Clean-up crew events: These are mobile collection events held twice per year in Boone County. Residents can bring paints (no latex), pesticides, solvents and cleaners free-of charge to these events. Events are usually held in June in Boone and the first Saturday in October in Madrid.

•    Satellite facility: The Boone County Landfill operates a satellite collection center for household hazardous waste. This program accepts the same items as the clean-up crew events but is available to residents who cannot wait for a clean-up crew event. This program is operated on an appointment-only basis.

•    Regional Collection Center: The RCC in Bondurant is also open to the public to drop off household hazardous waste. In addition, the RCC operates the Swap Shop which offers usable items. For more information please call the RCC at 1.888.603.CREW (2739).

•    What can I do with compact fluorescents bulbs? The satellite facility and the RCC will accept compact fluorescent and regular fluorescent light bulbs as part of the household hazardous waste program.

•    What do I do With latex paint? Latex paint and other latex products are not household hazardous materials.  You can dispose of them in your regular trash after drying them properly. Open the can with leftover paint in a well-ventilated area. Place cat box filler in the paint, stir occasionally with paint stick and dispose of the dried-up paint with your regular garbage.

•    What do I do with empty paint cans? Empty paint cans are not hazardous. Leave the lids off and place the empty cans beside your garbage bags/cans for disposal.

•    What happens to the hazardous waste collected? The waste collected through the above programs is either reused, recycled  or disposed of at out-of-state facilities specifically designed to handle hazardous waste.

•    What are “sharps”? Sharps are needles, syringes, with attached needles and disposable lancets used by medical patients to treat conditions such as diabetes, allergies, cancer, etc. Farmers also use needles or syringes to inject livestock.

•    How do I dispose of sharps? You may dispose of sharps at the Boone County Landfill’s satellite household hazardous waste collection facility in a specifically designed sharps disposal container. The facility will accept sharps containers during the landfill’s normal operating hours (except Saturdays). Call the landfill if you need further information 515-433-0591.

Information provided by Boone County Landfill staff.

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