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Generating peace of mind

Posted September 25, 2013 in Advice Column

One of the many things that may take a toll on an individual’s attitude is no power.

Local utilities do a great job of keeping the lights on, but as we all know instances do occur when an outage is unpreventable.

It never fails that an outage occurs at the worst time. Being prepared for an outage 24/7 is much easier than many would think.

Permanent standby systems incorporate a transfer switch that will allow the generator to power up automatically in an outage, disconnect the utility power source and connect the generator power source. When ultility power is present for a set period of time the transfer switch will reconnect to utility power and disconnect from the generator in one motion. Transfer switches are the brains of the whole sysytem.

A few factors need to be considered when installing a standby system:
•    What loads are needed to be on standby power or do you power the whole electrical system?
•    What fuel source is needed to power the generator (propane, natural gas, diesel)?
•    Where should the generator be placed for access to fuel source, sound and connecting to the electrical system?

Standby generators have options available such as block heaters, carburetor heaters and trickle charger for the battery system.  All of these insure optimum starting in any environment.

“There is no need until there is a need.” When the need arrives, will you be ready?

Starting issues are very common in portable generators that are trasported to the location of need, as many sit for months or years before being used. Permanent standby systems are programmed to cycle weekly to ensure proper starting in the event of an outage. The fuel source for portable generators involves gasoline being delivered to the machine at frequent rates as well.

Consider these items before purchasing a generator of any kind for back-up power.

Information provided by Jonathan Hart, Cornerhart Electric, CEnergy Solar Solutions, 20502 490th St., Centerville, (641)895-2283.

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