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Garage envy

Posted September 25, 2013 in Community Featured, Beaverdale
One look at Rick Giudicessi’s garage and you’ll wonder if you’re in the main house.

One look at Rick Giudicessi’s garage and you’ll wonder if you’re in the main house.

Small spaces can be difficult to utilize. Oftentimes, when you’ve got a room that’s smaller than the rest, it takes the role of storage place.

When that place is your garage it makes perfect sense to let clutter accumulate since it’s basically the “junk drawer” of the house. That’s how it was for Rick Giudicessi until he transformed his garage from the place to hide to the place to hide out.

“A single car garage attachment was not overly common for houses build in 1938, but because of its size we couldn’t really do much with it,” Giudicessi says. “Our cars are a little bigger than they were back then.”

What was once ostensibly a storage unit has now become one of the coolest parts about the Giudicessi’s home. The garage was gutted, ceiling removed (“the taller guys working on the garage kept bumping their heads because of the low ceiling”) and made more open with exposed support beams. Cabinets and a countertop stretch across one side of the bar with a flat screen TV set in the middle, equipped with NFL Sunday Ticket and MLB Extra Innings so he never misses a game, especially if it’s the Kansas City Chiefs, Chicago Cubs or Iowa Hawkeyes.

“I went to Iowa so being a Hawkeye came easy. I married a Chiefs fan and over the years became a fan. We’ve had season tickets since 1999, so I’m a Chiefs fan by marriage and convenience,” says Giudicessi. “With all that being said, I often wonder if I like watching non-winning teams. I’m sure it would be easier to root for the Packers and Cardinals.”

Called “The Annex,” this addition — completed this past February — makes perfect sense for Giudicessi’s already impressive outdoor setup. Though there are only eight bar stools in the garage, The Annex has held up to 20 people when the weather proves fickle. The garage leads to “G’s Tiki Bar” — a small bar on Giudicessi’s back patio — so when the sun’s out, The Annex and G’s are sure to be in use. And a heating system will make this the place to be throughout the football season.

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